Thanks from two oldies who have found fond memories of good service, a person to speak to not a machine, a person at the end of the phone who had a name and gave it readily, also an ability to laugh with a customer. A company who stood by it's product. At no time did we feel it was not going to be a conclusion we would not be totally satisfied with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We will be telling anyone looking for a bed about our experiance with your product and service.

P & J. Smith

Firstly I would like to say how marvellous my mattress has been - first time in years that I have been able to sleep without pain. I can recommend to anyone who, like me suffers from spondylolisthesis. it's been the best investment I've made in years.

Secondly, the shaped pillow has also been a godsend. I have a fused neck and have had about 10 different pillows over the past 10 years and this is the only one that suits my neck. I am so grateful for it.


We brought a bed off you at the Wellington Home Show.

It's not that often that you buy a product and it's every bit as good if not better than it was sold to you. My husband & I absolutely love our bedand it was the best money we have spent in a long time. I was pregnant when we brought our bed, and I slept more comfortably and had less aches and pains in the later stages of pregnancy. Now getting up & down to two kids in the night I love nothing more than snuggling back into my bed - it's just so comfortable. We brought a Super King bed and there is plenty of room for my husband and I, both kids and the cat! Some of my favourite times are when we are all cosy in bed watching cartoons on a weekend morning. I just don't think you can put a price on that.

Our bed is warm, comfertable, soft and it moulds to your body so there are no uncomfertable pressure points. There are certainly no sore hips or backs. In summer we just use a cotton duvet on top and are perfectly cool.

There is actually not one thing I'd change about it. And to boot, we have got the drawers underneath which provide much needed extra storage.

To anyone thinking about purchasing one of these beds - we have had a fabulous experiance, wouldn't give up our bed for anything and at whatever time in the future we decide it's time for a new bed, we will certainly be revisiting New Zealand Bed Company.


We wanted to say thanks. We are very pleased with our mattress.

YOur company's customer service has been fantastic. We also work in retail and it's nice to have a great experiance from someone when we're on the "other side of the counter".

We are certainly recommending your products to others.

A & J. Revell

I have never written a testimonial before for any product I have purchased.

When I laid on New Zealand Bed Company's "Serenitty Bed" I was very impressed in the initial feeling of comfort & support. My wife tried the bed the next day at my request and we were sold. The feeling of comfort & support was amazing and we ordered our new bed in the soft spring setting at the advice of the salesperson.

Well 12 months on and we are both as happy with our bed as the day we got it delivered. Every night I still get the feeling of sinking into a lush of comfort which is oh so supportive.

I am sleeping far better and I can honestly say neither my wife nor I have had any back pain since our purchasre. Prior to this we did. This is amazing as I wanted to purchase the firmer spring setting but I was advised to go with the softer spring and it has certainly been supportive. It's like having a hundered hands supporting you while you sleep and I get no pressure points.

S. McCaughan

What an amazing bed!

For months I have not had a good night sleep nor have I slept through the night for as far back as I can remember due to intense pain in my lower back and hips. Here is the good news! The first night on the Galaxy bed was a dream. No pressure on my back or hips and I actually slept the longest time without waking in months. Even when I did wake up there was no pain and this is so unbelievable.

I must say this has not cured my condition but it has made it bearable and the extra rest at night has made a huge difference to the way I get through my day.

A. Moore