What to look for in a mattress

For most people buying a new bed can be confusing and frustrating. The average person invests in a new bed every 10 – 20 years, meaning that their new bed will be completely different to the old one with all the modern technologies. At New Zealand Bed Company we have simplified it, by explaining what to look for in a new bed.


A quality mattress is a long-term investment, one that shouldn’t be made lightly as it’s an investment in your health. The 3 most important things to look at when buying a new mattress is DURABILITY, COMFORT and SUPPORT.


Durability in a mattress is important as a mattress is something that should last you a very long time and should offer you years of comfort and support. This can only be achieved if every single component in the mattress is of the highest standard. At New Zealand Beds we have achieved this by using only the best quality components like our Maxi Coil pocket spring, Viscolux memory foam, ViscoGel memory foam, Natural latex gold and Natural New Zealand wool. A combination of these products will offer you years of quality sleep making your bed a great value for money long term investment in your health and wellbeing.


Proper comfort is achieved by not just one, but multiple components in your mattresses. Some mattresses found on the market feel pretty good when they are new, but don’t always stand the test of time as poor quality foams, memory foams or spring systems get used which then lets the beds lose their shape. comfort or support very quickly and don’t always perform as promised. The combination of our durable, supportive yet comfortable Maxi Coil pocket spring system and thick luxurious layers of ViscoLux memory foam, ViscoGel memory foam or Natural latex Gold makes our comprehensive range of beds unique in feel and quality.

All of our New Zealand Bed Company mattresses are covered with a full 10 year factory guarantee as proof that we have faith in all our products. All this and the fact that you buy factory direct mean that you get the best possible bed for the best possible price.


A mattress needs to support the body’s natural shape. Having a mattress that is too hard won't contour to your body’s natural curves, meaning it will be unsupportive. A hard mattress will put too much pressure on the shoulders and hips (if you are a side sleeper) and won't mould to the natural arch of the lower back (if you sleep on your back) thus trying to straighten the spine that can cause lower back pain and stiffness due to the back muscles not being able to rest and rejuvenate properly after a long day. A mattress that is too soft will have a lack of support and won’t keep the spine aligned (if you are a side sleeper) or will put too much strain on the lower back muscles (if you sleep on your back) as the body will sink into the mattress too much, especially at the centre third of the body, where the body is the heaviest. 

At The New Zealand Bed Company we use a very durable pocket spring system called Maxi Coil that has been designed to offer you the best of both worlds. The durable spring system can offer even the heaviest person great support while the individually-wrapped spring system helps to contour to the body’s natural shape.