- The right mattress.

Posted on Friday 12th of February 09:45 AM

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Our Serenity mattresses has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. Currently every second bed sold seems to be a Serenity as customers love the fact that they have the ability to design their own bed and customize each side to suite the two people sleeping on the bed perfectly. Couples tent to agree on the same mattress as they want to compromise so that they can sleep in the same bed. Usually they can find something that is fairly comfortable for both of them and both of them get a good night sleep. Unfortunately couples tend to never be built the same meaning that there bodies require a different amount of support and comfort. The slightest difference in firmness, support or comfort could be the difference between having a good nights sleep and having a great nights sleep.

That is why the Serenity is such an amazing product. With two different quilt options and six different comfort pod options you are sure to find the combination that suits you and your partners body perfectly. We also offer clients a 30 day comfort exchange that allows you to swap your pods during the first month after delivery to ensure you get the best combination. 

Don't dream to sleep, sleep to dream.


The Serenity is available as a queen size mattress, queen size mattress and base, king size mattress, king size mattress and base, super king mattress, super king mattress and base and we can even custom make any size you require. Special sizes don't qualify for the comfort exchange though.