Bed Technologies

Adaptive mattress fabrics

ADAPTIVE is one of New Zealand Bed Companies latest tecnologies. Its a unique product that helps keep your mattress cool and dry and so improving your quality of sleep and extending the life of the mattress.


Adaptive is a hydro-functional polymer applied to textiles to allow for increased evaporation keeping the user cool and dry. The human body is a warm and humid vapor machine and sleep quality is heavily affected by a comfortable microclimate. Adaptive reacts to heat, so the more heat your body radiates the better the product works to evaporate moisture and keep you dry and cool.

Below is a little clip that explains the product really well.

Memory Foam / Visco- Elastic

Visco-Elastic (VE) foams were originally developed in the 1970s by NASA to relieve the pressure of the tremendous forces of gravity their astronauts experienced during lift-off. Visco-Elastic is a superior, slow-recovery cushioning, scientifically developed to perfectly contour to body-shape.

This reduces pressure on the body, which helps to improve circulation and provide better comfort and quality of sleep by decreasing tossing and turning.  Without having to roll over to alleviate pressure, you maintain a deeper level of sleep, significantly improving sleep quality and optimising energy levels for the next day.

Our Viscolux Memory foam is more porous than conventional memory foams, giving it one of the widest operating temperatures that allows it to dissipate excessive body heat and instantly conform to the body to ensure optimum pressure relief and superior comfort and performance. 

Viscolux is treated with Ultra Fresh that controls dust mites and inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungi, making it not only one of the most comfortable products to sleep on, but also one of the healthiest.


ViscoGel combines pressure relieving memory foam with advanced gel particles to provide greater air flow and heat dissipation.

Advanced gel particles are infused evenly through our superior memory foam during manufacture. The gel particles move closer together under pressure providing greater support and preventing the foam from bottoming out under heavy loads. Heat dissipation properties of the gel provides superior regulation of body temperatures.

ViscoGel is treated with Ultra Fresh that controls dust mites and inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungi, making it not only one of the most comfortable products to sleep on, but also one of the healthiest.

Viscogel is proudly New Zealand Made and is specially designed to provide the ultimate night's rest.

Natural Latex Gold

Latex is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea Brasilliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Malaysia. The natural milky juice of the rubber tree is processed to form a soft, yet durable material. The honeycomb consistency gives the rubber a true sponge like quality which has yet to be equalled. 

Latex is extremely comfortable and long lasting, but is designed for a firmer support because of its rubber like feel.


Gives gentle support to the contours of your body


Has natural antibacterial properties


Air flow helps prevent moisture build-up


Great for asthma and hay fever sufferers


Produced from a carefully managed and renewable resource

Pocket Springs

Our pocketed spring systems takes you from a good night’s sleep to a great night’s sleep. These are the most conforming of all sprung mattress systems and so, if you toss and turn, the pocketed coil springs go to work, softening and cushioning your body at every turn - you sleep peacefully and undisturbed.

Each individually-cased pocket spring reacts independently to pressure, without affecting coils in other areas of the mattress. As a result our pocket spring mattresses provide a sleep surface that fully removes roll-together and greatly reduces partner disturbance.

We use a unique type of edge support that allows our mattresses to "breath" preventing excessive heat build up in summer and moisture build up in winter. We prefer our Edge wire and butterfly spring edge supports over the conventional foam surrounds because of its durability and the fact that it also allows a larger amount of pocket springs in the mattress as they can run right up to the edge.

We have two different spring systems available for your choice of mattress:

The uniform pocket spring system is designed to create maximum body shape contouring through the use of low resistance springs. This low resistance allows the spring system to absorb more of your body weight and results in reduced pressure build-up on your pressure points (such as your hips and shoulders) creating a more comfortable sleep. Our MAXI-Coil low resistant springs are comfortable and ultra durable and carry a 10 year guarantee.

The triple-zoned pocket spring system has 3 equal spring zones spread across the mattress from head to foot. The springs in the end zones are medium resistance, whilst the central zone offers high resistance, creating graduated back support across your whole spine. The ultra durable MAXI-Coil system is designed to offer support to all body types and weights and carries a full 10 year guarantee. We don't do more than the 3 zones as the risk of excessive pressure on the shoulders (one of the highest pressure point areas) is too great. The 5 and 7 zone models have the same quantity of medium and high resistant spring as the 3 zone, but the zones become so small that you can never be sure you are laying in the correct position. Some 5 zones even have a softer section by the hip area. Yes, the hip is a medium pressure point area, but it's also part of the heavier centre third of your body which requires additional support.