Bed Care

Dos and Don'ts of Bed Care

  • DO rotate your mattress every 6 months top to tail (head to foot).
  • DO carry a mattress flat or on its side. This is a job for 2 people.
  • DO air your bed periodically by leaving the sheets off for several hours. This allows the bed to dry and air properly.
  • DO vacuum your bed regularly using low suction.
  • DO treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Use a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly in the shade away from direct heat.
  • DO store your mattress in a breathable bag. If you have a pocket spring mattress with Latex or memory foam lay your bed flat for storage as storing on its end will damage the bed.
  • DO check the legs and casters every 6 months and re-tighten if necessary. 
  • DON’T bend or fold your mattress as this will damage the end supports.
  • DON’T risk back injury. Always use two people to move a mattress.
  • DON’T remove the production ticket sewn in the end of the bed. This is needed for a warranty claim.
  • DON’T use cleaning agents on your mattress. Chemicals contained in some cleaning agents may damage the fabric or underlying materials of your mattress.