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NZ Beds are a family-operated bed manufacturing company which produces an ultimate comfort and quality at affordable prices. With over 30 years of experience in the bedding industry, we produce superior beds that are among the best in New Zealand, and are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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Our Story

Sleep better with NZ Beds . The idea of a better night’s rest may seem as simple as counting sheep. But for the team at NZ Bed Company, it’s a life-long passion. Owned and operated by Kiwis for Kiwis, NZ Bed Company has been tweaking, tinkering and perfecting its craft, all in a quest to provide the best night’s sleep possible for New Zealanders.

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We combines world class innovation, operations and design to create the highest quality products. Our mattresses are only made with the highest quality materials to ensure total comfort and support.

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