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  1. Air the mattress occasionally. Remove all bedding and let the mattress be aired for 6-7 hours. This will help to keep your mattress clean and dry.
  2. Do not try to fold your mattress as it will damage the springs.
  3. Do not jump on Mattress as abuse is not covered in the Warranty.
  4. Do not lift the mattress all by yourself as it could result in an injury.
  5. Please do not lift your mattress using side Handles (where applicable). Side Handles are just for help in rotation and are not covered under warranty.
  6. Children should not play with tags and other accessories on the mattress.
  7. Always keep your Mattress protected with a quality Mattress
  8. Protector to maintain it stain-free, clean & dry.
  9. A faulty base can void the warranty of your new mattress.
  10. NZ Beds advises using a new NZ Beds base or a good quality new bed frame for warranty and shape protection of the mattress.
  11. Complement your sleep quality with the right pillow. A wrong choice of pillow will adversely affect the sleeping comfort.
  12. Rotate your mattress every two months. This is essential to ensure uniformity in wear & tear.
  13. Check your bed’s base castors or Legs regularly, if loose please tight it.
  14. Do not saturate fabric with water or other cleaning liquid.
    Never eat or Smoke on your bed.
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