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  • Slumberzone New Zealand is proud to bring in Coppertine® – A.Ticu-S a trusted & patented technology in pocket springs from Agro Germany. Titanium – a symbol of strength and a material designed for movement because titanium is ductile, i.e. plastically deformable. Many industries already use the titanium effect in a highly successful way.



  • Hemp, the strongest textile fiber in the world, has been used extensively throughout history, from rope to fabrics and to industrial materials. Because of the fiber’s versatility, it is increasingly used in a large number of consumer goods. Hempy™ is one of those innovative ways to work with the hemp fiber. Cannabis plants produce twice as much fiber as cotton and use less water and pesticides to grow on infertile ground. This ecological aspect, decreasing the ecological footprint, is without a doubt its strong suit.

Real Silk®

  • Silk is one of the most exclusive and expensive fibers available. The preciousness of silk had created the exclusive perception about silk fabrics and garments and conveys a luxurious impression. Silk is also praised for its classic timeless appeal, comfort and beautiful luster – making this natural material in high demand by the fashion segment worldwide. Real Silk transfers the desired characteristics and the luxurious feel of silk to other fabric types like polyamide, polyester, cotton or its blends.


  • XCITE® combines comfort and design and elevates your take on what a mattress could look and feel like. By creating a mattress that not only feels smooth but also breathes and ventilates, we bring innovation to the next level.


  • Adaptive treats the textile with a temperature sensitive polymer and provides a dynamic response: the warmer it gets, the more Adaptive will evaporate moisture. More evaporation means a dryer and cooler sleeping environment.


  • Very few fibers can boast the unique combination of luxury and comfort, of refined class and user-friendliness. Linen’s very particular texture distinguishes it from any other material. A luxurious product that is soft to touch and very easy to handle.
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  • Tones of Cool is a revolutionary, all-new technology that improves and accelerates the conductive exchange of thermal energy between the body and textile.
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  • Argentum® mattress fabrics contain silver ions which provide protection against microbial deterioration of the mattress. The silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria and provides a healthier sleeping environment. As a well-known natural agent, silver does not affect the natural balance of the skin.


  • SKIN+ is a game-changing technology in skin care, a novel treatment for mattress fabrics based on a patented probiotic technology. No need to spend time in front of the bathroom mirror, applying multiple lotions and creams. Just go to sleep and your mattress does the job, night after night!


  • Tencel uses Lyocell bio-fibers to maintain the environmental balance and integrate the fabric into nature’s cycle.
    Renewable raw material
    Certified environment-friendly production process
    Biodegradable fibers


  • Purotex uses the technology of active probiotics. Applied on mattress or pillow textiles, they reduce the amount of house dust mite allergens by 93,7% two weeks after application! In other words, active probiotics create a fresh and clean sleeping environment. Probiotics are also used in yogurts to guarantee a healthy microflora and in hospitals as cleaning products to prevent resistant bacteria.



  • Bamboo is a very special plant, not only because it is the strongest and fastest growing plant on earth but also because of its exceptional natural antibacterial qualities. It develops a natural barrier against bacteria. Bamboo offers a higher moisture absorption than cotton, is amazingly strong, and the yarns weave or knit a very breathable textile.